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    Osteochondrosis for
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Non-Operational Method

Alternative to surgical methods of treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, such as protrusions and herniated intervertebral discs!

Manual correction

This method of treatment restores the height of the disc to an anatomical rate and a complete reparative spinal regeneration takes place!

Healthy patients

The method of vertebrorevitology is domestic and foreign patents, rational proposals and thousands of patients who have regained their health due to this method.

Clinic of Professor I.M. Danilov

About the method of vertebrorevitology

Vertebrorevitology – it is the method of manual correction of the spine, targeted to optimize the conditions for activation of reparative response, directed to the full tissue repair in degenerating intervertebral disk, and which complicated by the extrusion of seizures in nucleus pulpous, till full its restitution.

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov started to develop this method early as in the 80s of the last century as an alternative to surgical treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine, such as protrusion and herniation of intervertebral disks. In the following years this method has been successfully developed. Today vertebrorevitology method - is the domestic and foreign patents, rationalization proposals and thousands of patients, whom were returned lost health thanks to this method.

What do I need to know?

Awareness of patients

Awareness of patients is no less dangerous for the welfare of doctors than the illiteracy of doctors for the health of patients.

What is osteochondrosis?

Osteochondrosis is a degenerative-dystrophic process, which, as a rule, begins with the destruction of intervertebral disc tissues and leads to changes in the structure of the entire spine.

Manual therapy - there are no guilty, there are victims

So the manipulation of the chiropractor, in which the crunch of your spine occurs, is not a safe procedure for the body. Remember this when the "manual of the sample of the XIX century" meets on your life journey and tells you that your "disks have thus become in place", "the joints are restored" and "the subluxation is eliminated."

Based on the book "Osteochondrosis for a professional patient"

What are we curing?

Herniated spine
Protrusion of the intervertebral disc
Stenosis of the spinal canal
Other problems with the spine


When you realize the difference between a vessel and its contents, then you will have true knowledge (I.M. Danilov)